Atlas Cookbook

How to Edit an Atlas

Springer publication, to be published 2017
10 chapters


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  • Five Reasons to edit an Atlas V. Voženilek [CZE], R. Sieber [SUI]
  • Editorial Aspects H. Asche [GER]
    Target group, Atlas type, Platform (DVD/Web/Print/mixed), Atlas structure
  • Organization and Marketing E. Losang [GER], Th. Schulz [SUI]
    Business plan, Timetable and Milestones, Marketing, Product distribution, …; political and scientific embedding/support
  • Atlas Use F. Ormeling, C. van Elzakker [NED]
    Atlas access; Map reading, Map analysis, Map interpretation
  • Thematic / Geographic Content K. Kocsis [HUN], P. Jordan [AUT]
    Thematic issues/chapters; Geographic area; Treatment of geographical names
  • Data Management T. Trainor [USA]
    Data types: Geometry data, Statistical data; Data base: relational, distributed mapping (Web); Data Processing; Workflow
  • Multimedia Elements V. Voženilek  [CZE]
    Type of elements (text, pictures, sound, movies etc.); Depth of integration (embedded / links)
  • Atlas GUI and Layout Design R. Sieber [SUI]
    Atlas format, Map format, Map access (geographic, thematic), Intro/Cover; Graphical means (color etc.); Input-/Output-Elements; Interaction Design Process
  • Map Design and Visualization E. Spiess [SUI]
    Base maps, Visualization modi (e.g., insular maps, 2D / 3D maps); Map types (raster, choropleth, charts, line, point symbols), Map sections; Map complexity/density/generalization; Map structure (layer management); Map graphics (color schemes, symbolization, fonts etc.); Animation
  • Atlas Functionality: Interactive Functions and Tools R. Sieber [SUI], J. Cron [GER]
    Categorizing Interactive Atlas Functionality; Level of interactivity (basic/advanced); General Atlas Functions, Navigation Functions, Cartographic Visualization Functions, Analytic Functions, Information and Didactic Functions
  • Prototyping and Evaluation E. Kramers [CAN]
    Usability, Functionality Tests; User feedback, Hotline