Atlas Cookbook

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The Atlas Cookbook – Ten ingredients how to edit an atlas (pdf, 20MB)

[administered by ICA Commission on Atlases; ed: René Sieber]
published in April 2023


Cover - The Atlas Cookbook


  • Introduction
    Vit Vozenilek and René Sieber
  • Organization and Marketing
    Eric Losang
  • Editorial Aspects
    Hartmut Asche
  • Atlas Use
    Ferjan Ormeling and Corné van Elzakker
  • Thematic and Geographic Content
    Károly Kocsis, Mátyás Márton and Peter Jordan
  • Data Management
    Tim Trainor
  • Multimedia Elements
    Vit Vozenilek and Rostislav Netek
  • Atlas GUI and Layout Design
    René Sieber
  • Map Design and Visualization
    Ernst Spiess
  • Atlas Functionality
    René Sieber and Juliane Cron
  • Prototyping and Evaluation
    R. Eric Kramers