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EuroCarto 2022
Hybrid Workshop „New Approaches for an Atlas on Sustainability!?”
Date: Sunday 18.09.2022, 3–5:30 PM,
Venue: Technical University Vienna / online
Registration deadline: 11.09.2022

In 2015, the United Nations defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in an effort make the broad social, economic, and environmental challenges more tangible. As a follow up to the eight Millennium Development Goals, identified in 2012, they represent an urgent call for action by all countries – whether developed or developing – in a global partnership.
The sheer scope of the challenges and facets is reflected in the numerous sub-goals which are operationalized through a vast set of defined indicators. For atlas producers, the constellation of global spatial effectiveness – multi-perspective approaches – countless quantitative data sounds l at first glance like an easy task to produce an atlas regardless of the format and medium chosen. Unsurprisingly the World Bank whose databases provide lion’s share of the information already published SDG Atlases in 2018 and 2020.
So why talking about another SDG atlas? In 2021 another SDG-Atlas took a completely different approach. “SDGs in action – a generations’ view” was designed as a bilingual printed atlas that tackles the SDG from a people’s point of view, expressing experiences using qualitative rather than a mere quantitative data to visualize and to document how we experience today’s problems.
The workshop opens the discussion for new atlas concepts that aims to be understandable and usable for a variety of user groups. On the basis of short inputs and further interchange of ideas the workshop aspires to loosely formulate the structural outline and suggestion for content of an alternative and sustainable (!) SDG-Atlas, to be edited and compiled by the ICA Commission on Atlases (CoA), as one of their possible foci of work in the next years.

We hope to offer a hybrid event and cordially invite you to attend the workshop for free!

Registration: Please send an email with your Name, Prename, Affiliation, On-site / Remote Participation, and Email Address to the organizers:

Further information will be available soon on the CoA website:

René Sieber and Eric Losang,
Chair and Vice-Chair of the ICA Commission on Atlases

13 December 2021
Pre-Conference Workshop in Florence

Dear colleagues, dear friends of atlas cartography,

On behalf of the two ICA commissions on Map Design and Atlases, we cordially invite you to participate in a hands-on workshop, discussing and sharing new ideas of the cartographic community concerning maps and atlases for different audiences and usage.

 What about the user? Audience-focused map and atlas design
Joint Pre-Conference Workshop of the ICA Commissions on Map Design and Atlases

As cartographic knowledge evolves at a breakneck pace, we still often struggle to address the audience in a way that fits with the classic cartographic communication model. Even if a map has design limitations or its data model has shortcomings, it is imperative to focus on the map user, even if that means breaking traditional cartographic rules.

This half-day, two-part course will combine audience-focused cartographic design with user-centered concepts of atlas design and production. In the first section we will discuss if and how maps can be made using a strong user-oriented approach, that focusses adapting visualization modes to the respective audiences the map addresses. The second section builds on the results and findings by employing the approach to draft audience-driven atlas concepts. Both sections offer comprehensive hands-on parts, where participants can develop and discuss their ideas of audience-centered map-design and atlas compilation.

The workshop will be held as a hybrid event, so you may participate either in presence or remotely. For remote participants, further instructions will be given after the registration.

Date: Monday, 13.12. 2021, 14:00 – 18:45 PM
Venue: University of Florence, Via Laura, 48, Room A1.03

Registration deadlines:

  • for participants on site/in presence: 29.11.2021 (12 PM)*
  • for participants with remote access: 07.12.2021 (12 PM)

*Please note that the on-site registration deadline cannot be extended because of strict pandemic regulations of the Local Organization Committee!

Fee: No participation fee required; coffee during the break might be offered by the ICC…

Personal requirements: No programming knowledge needed, just contribute with your ideas and hand-drawn sketches.

What we need for Registration
Please send an Email on time to with the following details:
LAST NAME, First name: …
On-site presence: YES or NO

14-18 December 2021
ICC in Florence

The ICC will take place at the University of Florence, either in physical presence or remote. We encourage you to send in papers and abstracts concerning atlas topics and projects (T 02 Atlases). The deadline for submitting full papers is March 19 and for abstracts May 28, so don’t miss this opportunity! For further information, please visit the Conference website on

postponed to 2022
Symposium on Atlases and Toponomy in Madrid (150 Years Atlas of Spain)

On the occasion of 150 year anniversary celebration of the Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN) – the publishing institution of the National Atlas of Spain – the ICA Commission on Atlases and the ICA/IGU Commission on Toponomy together with the IGN planned to organize a symposium on National and Regional Atlases in April 2020 in Madrid. But due of the Covid pandemic, the LOC had to postpone the Symposium, first to 2021, then to 2022.

At the moment, we don’t know the exact date, but we will inform you as soon as the situation allows planning of such events. For further information, please visit our Conference website on

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